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The Business of Dating Technology

Social Network Innovator Jennifer Kelton:
Community Solutions to Dating Disasters

Entrepreneur, social media innovator and bad date expert Jennifer Kelton helps people navigate the tragi-comedy of online dating while connecting for support and comic relief.

Jennifer is founder and CEO of BadOnlineDates.com, the first website to allow people to meet and connect based on their shared bad date experiences. She is also creator, director and producer of Bad Date TV (www.BadDateTV.com) and the new Internet dating game show Dating in Disguise premiering in early 2011.

Using technologies she developed, this "IT girl" is changing the way singles connect while teaching people etiquette and dating skills that seem to be disappearing in today's stressed out and self-centered culture.

Jennifer recently revamped the technologies behind BadOnlineDates.com to make it more interactive, informative and entertaining than ever. The "NerdGirlsAGoGo Guru" has created a BadOnlineDates (BOD) iPhone App, a "virtual bad date wingman" that lets frustrated daters share their stories with a supportive community in real time.

"The BOD iPhone App allows users to post their bad date experiences while immersed in the dating trenches," she says. "As the BOD tagline goes, you're not alone."

With more than 30 years dating experience, Jennifer's goal is to help people connect with others for advice or comic relief in the world of online dating. Connecting singles with others who share their values helps people learn from each other's dating disasters and turn negative experiences into positive ones.

"I'm really passionate about people being empowered to make the right life decisions, whether it's in love or business," Jennifer says.

Jennifer's array of challenging dating experiences inspired her to write a book, Don't Use My Sweater Like a Towel. She applies her hard-earned knowledge to help singles through her blogs, Blog.BadOnlineDates.com, www.DailyDatingAdvice.com and www.NerdGirlsAGoGo.com, and through the funny and informative webisodes of www.BadDateTV.com.

An early leader in online video content, Jennifer created Bad Date TV, featuring bad date characters such as "Bad Date Ben" and "Bad Date Betty." The two-year-old webisode series provides hilarious and inspiring lessons to help instill better etiquette and dating skills among the legions in the dating world who seem to have forgotten (or never learned) them.

"I'm a strong believer that laughter changes everything," Jennifer says. "If you can laugh through it, and if you can find other people who are laughing with you about the same common experience,
you're going to feel better."

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Check out Jennifer's blogs Blog.BadOnlineDates.com, www.DailyDatingAdvice.com and www.NerdGirlsAGoGo.com; and her websites www.BadOnlineDates.com, www.BadDateTV.com and www.MyWishForTheDay.com.

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